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Dogs 101 - AMERICAN WATER SPANIEL - Top Dog Facts About the American Water Spaniel

Brooklyns Corner

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Created to be a faithful and versatile companion, the American Water Spaniel grew up in the United States to cover the need for a hunting dog with varied skills and abilities both on land and in water. Although there is no perfect information about its origin, experts said that it can be the descendant of the Irish Water Spaniel, the Curly Hair Collector, the Field and the now extinct Old English Water Spaniel. However, even if it was a very popular breed for a very long time, today it only has less than 3000 dogs, becoming a very rare breed in the whole world.

Time for some Ruff Trivia:
The American Water Spaniel got a recognition in which US state?

A: Wisconsin
B: Michigan
C: Florida

What do you think, give it your best guess in the comments below before we get to the answer! Hang on tight and we’ll get back to this Ruff Trivia Question toward the end of the video.

American Water Spaniels although they look small and tender, they really are medium-sized, muscular and strong dogs that stand from about 15 to 18 inches tall and weigh from 25 to 45 pounds. His eyes are small round and with an alert and vivacious expression. It has a curly, dense and woolly coat with colors like solid liver, brown or dark chocolate and white spots on the toes and chest.

Grooming: The American Water Spaniel has a dense, waterproof coat that needs a full brushing at least twice a week. The rest is basic care. Trim the nails every couple of weeks. Clean the footpads, and keep the ears clean and dry to prevent bacterial or yeast infections will be just enough. Learn how to find the perfect dog groomer here in

Temperament: Friendly, active, obedient and intelligent, the American Water Spaniel is a friendly dog ​​that enjoys the company of his human family. It’s a breed with a balanced and enthusiastic character that is always willing to play and share with its owners. Check out more about why a American Water Spaniel might be the perfect pet for your family here in
Training: Like many other breeds, the American Water Spaniel can get very bored if it isn’t exercised and trained regularly. However, they’re dogs that want nothing more than to please their owners, this makes training them easy, productive and fun.

Health: Even if it is a very healthy breed, the American Water Spaniel is prone to certain health problems and may suffer from hip dysplasia, hormone-sensitive dermatitis, baldness pattern, cataracts, retinal or retinal dysplasia, allergies, atrophy progressive of the retina, epilepsy and hypothyroidism.
Raised to be a hunting dog, the American Water Spaniel is an expert swimmer full of energy who, not only will be a good hunter but will also become into the faithful, playful, friendly, loving, patient and fun pet that every family wishes to have.

Find out if the American Water Spaniel would be a good addition to your home. Now you can visit Brooklyn’s to take our quiz and find out which dog would be the best match for you.

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