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Dogs 101 - BRIARD - Top Dog Facts About the BRIARD

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The Pastor of Brie or Briard is one of the oldest French breeds. Even if there are several theories, most authors agree that its origin was in the Bronze Age and developed in France. Due to this, Pierre Mégnin, a military veterinarian who in 1888 assured that this breed is the result of the cross between the Barbet and the Shepherd de Beauce. But, it wasn’t until 1896 when the Briard was separated officially from the Sheperd de Beauce. What is certainly an undoubted fact is that, due to its quiet personality, this dog has been so popular that they were pets of choice of characters such as Charlemagne, Napoleon and Thomas Jefferson.

Time for some Ruff Trivia:
- Who was responsible for bringing the Briard dog to the American continent?
o A: Marquis De Lafayette
o B: Thomas Jefferson
o C: Both of them

What do you think, give it your best guess in the comments below before we get to the answer! Hang on tight and we’ll get back to this Ruff Trivia Question toward the end of the video.
Raised for centuries for herding flock, the Briard dog is big enough to fend off predators like foxes and wolves. While the males measure from 24 to 26 inches, the females can measure from 22 to 25 inches and weigh between 74 and 99 pounds It’s a muscular, rustic dog, with a good and strong bone structure. His head is long and his eyes are almost always covered by his long hair. The ears, which are naturally hanging, are often cut to be small and erect. Talking about it’s color, The British standard of this breed states that the Briard can be black homogeneous, black sprinkled with white hair, fawn or slate gray.


Perhaps one of the aspects that most care Briard requires is their hair, being a shepherd with long hair, brushing is recommended almost daily to avoid knots. Although if it doesn’t shed much hair, it requires constant care.


The Briard is a very intelligent, balanced, calm dog and very affectionate with its owners. But, due to his long years of work in grazing, he can be very energetic and with a very high protective instinct, because of this it is an excellent pet to children and can also be suspicious of strangers, but not aggressive.

Due of his great intelligence and excellent retentiveness, the Briard learns very quickly. But, like a good shepherd dog, he’s capable of make his own decisions in certain situations, and he do it at any circumstance; so the best way to teach him is through positive, lively, energetic and interesting trainings. Exercise is also fundamental, as a well-exercised Briard is a much calmer and less destructive dog, and not as prone to develop antisocial behavior.

The Brie Shepherd is a healthy breed of dog, there’re some diseases which its more susceptible as hip dysplasia or progressive retinal atrophy. But, the most serious problem that could suffer is the torsion of the stomach. In any case, you can always consult specialized websites such as, where you will find the necessary information to prevent and attack diseases in dogs such as the Briard.

With proper education, the Briard can become in an adorable and obedient companion, very attached to family and children. Despite not being very aggressive, it serves as a watchdog because he’s always on alert. It can adapt to any type of environment and also loves to swim, take walks with their owners and go jogging.

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