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Dogs 101 - LAKELAND TERRIER - Top Dog Facts about the Lakeland Terrier

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Top Dog Facts about the Lakeland Terrier

Formerly known as Cumberland Terrier, Westmorland Terrier, Colored Working Terrier, Fell Terrier or Patterdale Terrier and originally bred to hunt rats, foxes, badgers, rabbits and other animals, the Lakeland Terrier is a breed that owes its name to the region of the lakes of England in Cumberland County. Although their lineage is not precisely known, it’s believed that they’re related to the Black and Tan Terrier, the Dandie Dinmont and Bedlington Terriers, and the Border Terrier. Its popularity grew thanks to the foxhunting, which after becoming the favorite sport of the English elites, granted status and recognition in their native region. Currently the Lakeland Terrier isn’t necessarily "popular" in the United States by current standards, but it’s one of the oldest working Terriers breeds that are still used today.

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Which famous American tv actor is known to be a big fan of the Lakeland Terrier dogs?

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o B: Patrick Dempsey
o C: Bill Cosby

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Quick in its movements and with a particularly vivid expression in his small eyes, the Lakeland Terrier is a small, robust, strong, compact and wellproportioned dog that can reach between 12.914.9 inches and weighs about 1517 pounds. He has a dense and hard double layer coat, with colors like black and cinnamon, blue and cinnamon, red, blue or black.

Grooming: The care of the coat is very simple, the Lakeland Terrier only need to brush him two or three times a week to avoid ticks and fleas. As for your teeth and ears, they should be cleaned regularly and his nails cut monthly. Find out here in more about how to properly care for a Lakeland Terrier
Temperament: Intrepid, brave and selfconfident the Lakeland Terrier stands out for his cheerful, curious, loving, friendly and playful personality. He’s reserved with strangers and protector with their owners and just like other Terriers needs to be socialized from puppy to live with other animals. His intelligence and energy makes him the ideal dog for dynamic families who enjoy physical activities.
Training: Using proper training techniques, you will discover that the Lakeland Terrier learns very fast. He is a very intelligent breed that needs a constant, patient, soft, firm and positive training to obtain better results. Get some basic obedience training tips here in

Health: Just like many other breeds the Lakeland Terrier although it is a very healthy dog with a life expectancy between 12 to 16 years, it can suffer from diseases such as dislocated patella, distiquiasis, LeggPerthes, von Willebrand disease, cataract, cryptorchidism, microphthalmia and gastric torsion.

Even if the Lakeland Terrier isn’t the tallest, the smallest, or the most striking of the terriers, the truth is that its charm, intelligence and enthusiasm for life and unique personality are hard to beat. Known to be an excellent companion and a guard dog and protector of their owners, the Lakeland is without a doubt the perfect pet for any family.

Find out if the Lakeland Terrier would be a good addition to your home. Now you can visit Brooklyn’s to take our quiz and find out which dog would be the best match for you.

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