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Dogs 101 - NORWICH TERRIER - Top Dog Facts About the NORWICH TERRIER

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Top Dog Facts About the NORWICH TERRIER

The existence of the Norwich Terrier has been known for about 100 years. Even if it’s a breed of recent appearance, it has many characteristics similar to other types of older terrier, just like the Yorkshire Terrier, the Border Terrier, the Cairn Terrier and the Irish Red Terrier. They were known first as Jones Terrier and Cantab Terrier and became very popular among the students of the University of Cambridge who had them as pets. For a long time the specimens with drop ears and those with erect ears coexisted in a single breed. It was not until 1964, that the British Kennel Club separated them into two different breeds, known today as Norfolk Terrier respectively and Norwich Terrier.

Time for some Ruff Trivia:
- Many things are known about the origin of this breed, such as that there was a dog known for being the father of modern Norwich Terriers. Could you guess his name?

o A: Lucky
o B: Bobby
o C: Rags

What do you think, give it your best guess in the comments below before we get to the answer! Hang on tight and we’ll get back to this Ruff Trivia Question toward the end of the video.

Weighing no more than 12 pounds and standing only 10 inches at the shoulder, Norwich Terrier dog is one of the smallest terriers ever known. Underneath that rough, hard and resistant coat is a very robust, strong and full of energy dog. It stands out not only for its large head, small eyes and always upright ears, but also for its fur, which is usually have several colors such as red, black, cinnamon or gray.

Grooming: The constant brushing and monthly baths will be enough to keep this dog's coat healthy. Also, special attention should be paid to the care of the ears, eyes, teeth and nails, with frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Temperament: Loving, cheerful, curious and loyal, the Norwich Terrier dog loves being in the company of his human family, especially the children. They’are very brave, obstinate and little barkers, but they are always alert and willing to defend their owners in a strange or unknown situation.
Training: If you want to have a close relationship with this type of dog, the best you can do is to share with him his hours of exercises and games. Due to its almost inexhaustible energy and its need to please, the Norwich is very easy breed to train.
Health: Cardiac pathologies, cancer, hip dyslapsia, epilepsy, degenerative myelopathy, and upper airway syndrome are some of the diseases that can suffer this type of races. But, thanks to the fact that the Norwich Terrier is a very strong and healthy dog, it can live up to 14 years or more, if we take good care of him.
Happy, fearless, and sometimes bossy, Norwich Terrier dogs are energetic enough to play all day long, but loving enough to enjoy hours of lap time with their human family. So, if you are thinking In bringing one home it’s very important that you first know all about the care he need. Check out more about why this breed might be the perfect fit for your family here in

Find out if the Norwich Terrier would be a good addition to your home. Now you can visit Brooklyn’s to take our quiz and find out which dog would be the best match for you.

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