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Dogs React To Being Adopted and Rescued: Happy Dog Compilation | The Dodo

The Dodo

Dogs React To Being Adopted and Rescued | In honor of National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week, we put together some of our favorite shelter rescue videos and ways you can help these great organizations. A big thank you to all the animal shelters for the work they do around the world and don't forget - #adoptdontshop!!

1. Shelter Dog Is So Excited On Her Freedom Ride
To sponsor Hazel's ongoing care while she searches for her forever home, you can support Deity Animal Rescue: http://thedo.do/deity. Follow them on Facebook for updates on her adoption search: https://www.facebook.com/deityanimalrescue/

2. Dog Abandoned By Her Family Is Finally Happy Again
To help Lullaby's rescuers save more dogs like her, you can support Stray Rescue of St. Louis: http://thedo.do/stlouis

3. Dog Hasn't Stopped Smiling Since He Came Home From The Shelter
Keep up with this handsome pit bull on Instagram: http://thedo.do/meaty. To help dogs like Meaty, you can support Fresno Bully Rescue: http://thedo.do/fresnobully.

4. Hundreds Of Dogs Meet New Families

5. Dog Who Was Rescued From Shelter Can't Stop Smiling
For more of this beautiful dog Pez, check out her Instagram: http://thedo.do/pezandpinky. To help dogs like Pez, you can support the American Maltese Association Rescue (AMAR): https://americanmalteserescue.org/get_involved.html.

6. Rescue Dog Gets The Care She Needs — And A Haircut, Too
To help support Trinket’s rescuers, please visit the Michigan Humane Society: http://thedo.do/michigan

7. Dog Who Spent 12 Years In A Puppy Mill Is So Happy Now
Follow Little Belle, the blind rescue dog on Facebook: http://thedo.do/littlebelle. Special thanks to the Humane Society of the United States (https://youtu.be/vqAxHit7wlw).

8. Dog Who Went Through The Worst Is So Happy With His New Family
To help save more dogs like Baron the Rottweiler, you can support his rescuers at the Michigan Humane Society: http://thedo.do/michigan. If you're able to help provide information on his abusers, please contact their cruelty investigations department: http://thedo.do/mhcruelty.

9. 300 Dogs Were Saved From This Terrible Puppy Mill
Special thanks to the Humane Society of the United States: https://youtu.be/jNG1cnQ5jpI. To help the rescue more pupies like Daniel, please support their Animal Response Team: http://thedo.do/art

10. Dog Firsts: Rescue Dogs Experience Love For The First Time
To help these rescuers save more dogs, you can support our friends at AMA Animal Rescue (http://thedo.do/ama), Animal Welfare League of Arlington (http://thedo.do/awla), Beagle Freedom Project (http://thedo.do/bfp), Deity Animal Rescue (http://thedo.do/deity), Humane Society International (http://thedo.do/dogtrade), PETA (http://thedo.do/stopabuse), San Francisco SPCA (http://thedo.do/sfspca), Sean Casey Animal Rescue (http://thedo.do/casey) and Second Chance Rescue NYC: http://thedo.do/secondchance. | Follow Humane Society International on Facebook for updates on their meat farm rescue campaigns: https://www.facebook.com/hsiglobal/.

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