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Dogs Try Booties For The 1st Time & It's Hilarious


While the humankind has developed a wide range of shoes and boots, their pets still don't find it a good idea. Dogs hate having things on their paws, be those things socks, boots, shoes or, as was most likely the case with Jacques Cousteau's dog, flippers. Unfortunately for dogs, their unwilling shoe-wearing adventures are funny, and some dog owners can't help but shod and subsequently exploit their unlucky companions. Truth be told its just easier to get a hold of your pup after a walk and take 20 seconds to wipe their paws down with a damp wash cloth rather than throw their whole balance off by trying to train them to walk in these silly things. But if you never try to make your dog wear shoes, then you will never remember how hilarious dogs are when they wear stuff like this!

posted by hughmjackman4s

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