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I recently spent a day with some great folks who love and celebrate sighthound breeds.

Sighthounds such as the saluki/sloughi type (both named after the Seleucid Empire) have existed for at least 5,000 years, with the earliest presumed sighthound remains appearing in the excavations of Sumer dated approximately 7000–6000 BC. The earliest description of a sighthound in European recorded history comes from Arrian's Cynegeticus, of the 2nd century AD. Although today most sighthounds are kept primarily as pets, they have been bred for thousands of years to detect movement, chase, capture, and kill prey primarily by speed. They thrive on physical activity. Some have mellow personalities, others are watchful or even hostile towards strangers, but the instinct to chase running animals remains strong. Meet Hustle and Shoots - The Fastest Dogs in Flyball! Lure Coursing 101 - a How-to Video. Saluki vs whippet coursing 1. BRAD ANDERSON: THE WORLD'S MOST ECLECTIC DOG MAN. ALL ABOUT TIBETAN MASTIFF: LOYAL GUARD DOG AND SO MUCH MORE. ROTTWEILER VERSUS BELGIAN MALINOIS PROTECTION TRAINING. Very Funny Greyhounds. 5 Sighthound Dog Breeds You Probably Didn't Know About. ALL ABOUT BEAUCERON: THE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN. MY TEN FAVORITE DOG BREEDS. Tally-ho! Lure Coursing. Saluki wins Hound Group Judging at Crufts 2002. 4 1/4 month old Rhodesian ridgeback lure coursing. ALL ABOUT LIVING WITH WEIMARANERS. WHIPPET PRE SEASON TRAINING.

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