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There is great debate in regards to which breed is the smartest. Well let me be the first to say this video will no put an end to that debate. This is however my personal take on intelligent dog breeds. If you disagree please list your most intelligent dog breeds in the comment section below. 10 Most Powerful Guard Dogs. 10 Least Intelligent Dog Breeds. GREAT PYRENEES: LIVESTOCK GUARDIAN IN ACTION. Border Collie most intelligent working dog Documentary. MY FAVORITE TERRIER BREEDS. THE LIST: TOP MASTIFF DOG BREEDS. Smartest Dog in the World. 10 Largest Dog Breeds You Can Own. Top 15 Common Myths about Gentle Rottweilers. My Baby & Dog didn’t want to wake up!! SIBERIAN HUSKY FIVE THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW. HERDING DOGS: BORDER COLLIE VS. AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOG. LIVING WITH STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIERS 2: PROTECTION WORK. Top 10 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds In Hindi - DOGS IN HINDI - THE ULTIMATE CHANNEL. Training 4 Different Dogs: How to choose the BEST Dog for You!

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