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Driving an Automatic Transmission Vehicle

Conduite Facile

How to drive an automatic transmission vehicle. In this video: the 4 main positions, park, reverse, neutral and drive. Proper foot usage when driving an automatic. Why are you not able to start the engine or remove your key. When should you use the neutral position. What is “shift lock release”, and so on.

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Note: While I try to make my videos as universal as possible, rules and laws may vary according to the place where you’re driving and might be different from the ones in this video. Always drive according to the laws and rules that apply to the place where you are driving. Requirements at the driving exam may also be different than the ones shown here. Always respect the requirements that apply to the place where you are passing your driving exam. This video is not legal advice, and is not meant to replace your official driving courses. By doing anything presented in this video, you assume full responsibility for anything that may happen. Learn how to PARK IN A BAY. The easiest driving lesson (by Parking Tutorial). Drive: How to use the controls in an automatic vehicle. Parallel Parking - How To Parallel Park, PERFECTLY. 17 TIPS FOR NEW DRIVERS THAT YOU CAN'T LEARN IN A DRIVING SCHOOL. Forward Bay Parking Manoeuvre | 2019 UK Driving Test. How to Turn Left at an Intersection. How to pull up on the right & reverse 2 car lengths - New driving test manoeuvre. Drive: How to reverse parallel park. Driving in Singapore 4k. Can Changing your Transmission Fluid Cause Damage? How To Rev The Engine In An Automatic Car-Driving Tutorial. Top 10 automatic cars - Carbuyer. Automatic vs Manual Transmission. DRIVE: Ride Review (Toyota Wigo). Drive in Reverse | Proper Steering Method.

posted by tremissim3

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