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#Eastereggchallenge - Dog training trick challenge

Dog Training by Kikopup

This is a dog trick challenge entitled #Eastereggchallenge This challenge is about teaching your dog to happily hold a plastic easter egg in his mouth delicately without making it split in two. The idea behind this challenge came from watching videos of the "egg challenge" where people sometimes just pushed a chicken egg into their dog's mouth to see what their dog would do. Instead I am suggesting to train a "delicate hold" as a fun game that your dog enjoys with the final result being that your dog has an advanced dog trick under his belt.

Here is a link to a video tutorial on how to train your dog to hold an easter egg delicately after he already can hold and fetch things:

To initially teach a "hold" or "retrieve" check out this video:

Can your dog do the EASTER EGG CHALLENGE?

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posted by Stoszycegw

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