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Expert Advise From Professional Dog Trainer Robert Cabral

Nate Schoemer

Robert is an authority on all things dog related. His thorough knowledge of canine behavior, pet safety, training and more have made him a sought after expert for pet product companies, media, animal shelters and private clients around the globe.

Robert's work through Bound Angels & Bound Angels University helps animal shelters save more lives. Taught in workshop format staff management and volunteers learn the skills to increase adoptions, better understand canine behavior and the skills to work better as a team.

Robert has developed programs for shelters and rescues and is the author of two books: Selling Used Dogs and Desperate Dogs Determined Measures.

His blogs, youtube videos, instagram posts and facebook pages have countless of thousands of followers and are responsible for saving thousands of lives. Robert is an eloquent speaker who delivers a message of compassion and reality.

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