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EZ Decoder: Easily Decipher or Bypass a Multi-Wheeled Combination Lock

ITS Tactical / Imminent Threat Solutions

EZ Decoders are designed to open multi-wheeled combination locks, either by deciphering the actual combination, or bypassing it completely. Pick your EZ Decoder 2-Pack in the ITS Store today: Permanently Disable a Household Lock with Lock-Kill. Escaping from Zip Ties: Friction Saw. How to lock pick a 4-digit master lock. (Picking 45) second hand ABUS 160/50 (Decoded). How to Crack a Combination Lock in Seconds With No Tools! Pick a Lock in SECONDS with a Bump Key. Impossible Dovetail. Figure out the combination for Master M175 Combination Lock. (46) Review: Peterson American Padlock Bypass Tools. How to crack a safe without any tools?! How to copy any key at home in under 10 minutes. How to pick Master Lock 5400D Combination Realtor Lock Box with out combination. (404) Attacking Locks (For Beginners). (772) Review: Peterson DAMES Lock Bypass Kit. How to crack a combination lock in seconds! - NO TOOLS (life hack) Part 1.

posted by preoralebc

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