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FAMiLY COSTUME SHOW!! Niko u0026 Adley do a pretend play makeover! kids spin to choose our random day!


our new Best Day Ever Decider chooses what we do today!


Best Costume Day Ever 1108

Some mornings, you just need to be fancy and today is one of those mornings! Princess Adley, Prince Niko Bear, and the King of the Best Day Ever, Mr. Shonduras!! We break from our regular morning routine and come down the stairs to give you a royal welcome to the best day ever and have a mini waltz dance party. But that quickly ends because its time to have fun. Jenny is at a doctors appointment, making sure that baby sister is still doing great.

So, we need to decide what we as kiddos and dad are going to do. We all draw options of fun ideas and we lay them out. We then get a spinner and Adley spins to see what we are doing for fun. It lands on a costume party red carpet. We head into the basement and find all our costumes, we have so many!! We start playing dress up in Disney costumes, shark out fits, transforming into dinosaurs and dragons. We also fins costumes from past Halloween's and it brings back so many memories. It's tons of, even when Aldey finds a magic wand and turns me into a bunny.

It's nap time for Niko, so after he is asleep, Adley and I get a few packages from our front pouch. I have no idea what either of them are. So we open the big one first and to my surprise we unbox two Lucky scooters with Tanner Fox wheels!! I didn't order these, so i call up my homie TFox and surprise, he sent Niko and Adley their very first scooters!! So nice of him! We put Adleys together and go for a ride and she does amazing for her first time riding a big kid scooter.

Jenny gets home and Niko wakes up, so its time for more family fun. We spin the spinner to see what we do next and it lands on a blank, which means we can choose whatever we want. Since its the first vlog in May, we decide that we want to watch the movie of April 2020, a relive all our favorite memories. going to the lake, painting rocks, the gender reveal with the special eggs! so much happened in April it's crazy. We had a great month, we hope you did to and that you see some of your favorite moments in the rest of this vlog!!

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