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FHD 11 HOURS Dog Anti-Separation! FUN Play Date REAL SOUNDS with Music


DreamStateFrequencies is intended to help YOU and your FUR BABIES relax, meditate, and sleep. It is also helpful for calming a pet, and to grow your plants with the use of Solfeggio Frequencies, or Hz frequencies, Binaural Beats, Theta Waves, Delta Waves, etc. I hope to inspire many to enjoy the beauty and nature that surrounds us every day. Many of my videos are my own that my husband and I have captured to share our passion with the world! May much love, happiness, and the light of God consume you my friends!

**WARNING!!!** LOUD NOISE CAN CAUSE HARM TO YOUR EARS, INCLUDING CHILDREN AND PETS!!! Please use discretion when listening to and watching my videos!!! DO NOT DRIVE NOR OPERATE HEAVY AND/OR DANGEROUS MACHINERY/EQUIPMENT while listening!!! This may cause a DEEP SLEEP EFFECT!!! This is in no way a replacement for medical intervention, nor diagnosing and/or treatment!!! Each person is responsible for his/her own judgement. Please do your own reasearch about frequencies, binaural beats, and any other sounds being used prior to playing my videos and the effects on humans of different ages and disabilities, the effects on pets, and effects on plants! If you have, or feel you have, a medical or psychological condition, please consult a medical/psychological professional immediately! Blessings!
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posted by Torlettinx

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