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Dogs Who Found A Common Language With Babies

Tiger Productions

Here is a hazard for you to guess: who are the two creatures who can't speak the human language but understand each other perfectly? Don't know? A baby and a dog! While dogs don't speak any human language and babies learn to say their first words at the age of 1,5-2 years they prove to understand each other perfectly without any problems. Of course, dogs have a special way of communicating with each other and humans. A dog's body language may give us clues about how a dog is feeling. Some dogs perceive eye contact or staring as a threat or challenge. But kids don't know this language - moreover, they learn most effectively by "doing", which is by real interaction. So perhaps there’s something we’ve got to learn from our children – in fact they seem to understand our pets much better than we do!

posted by Bartuseka2

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