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G.S.D | German Shepherd Coat – [Colors Length Health Temperament u0026 Care] Puppy | Dog | BholaShola

Bhola Shola

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German Shepherds are a working breed, and their coat comes equipped with a variety of features to help them do their job.

We can assist their natural protection by learning how to care and supplement their coat.

German shepherd coats also come in a huge variety of colors and lengths.

While some colors are rare and beautiful, some varieties are considered fault colors. And these faults are not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club.

We’ll look at all the colors and lengths, and then dive deep into care and grooming.

The Truth About Single and Double Coated
German Shepherds are typically a Double Coated breed, meaning they have two layers of fur:

A top layer called the Guard coat (sometimes called top coat) that is slightly more “wiry” and abrasive.

Underneath you’ll find a softer and light colored underlayer called the Undercoat.

Combined these layers are used to regulate body temperature, protect from harmful UV rays, repel water, and protect their skin.

What About Single Coats?
Although it’s quiet rare – some German Shepherds are considered SingleCoated.

In the dog show ring we refer to them as “Smoothies”, or SmoothCoated Shepherds.

Technically, they still have both layers, but the undercoat is so sparse they’re considered as single coated.

Can You Shave a German Shepherd?
The undercoat is a fantastic insulator, and you’ve probably guessed that it keeps them warm in the colder months. But those layers of fur also keep them cool in the summer, and insulate them from warm air.

This is why it’s very bad practice to shave a doubled coated breed.

You won’t be doing them any favors by getting rid of the very thing that regulates their body temperature, and protects their skin from abrasions and harmful UV rays.

German Shepherd Coat Colors
When you think of a German Shepherd, an image of the typical black and tan one from the movies you’ve watched probably pops up in your head.

But you’d be surprised to know that these gorgeous canines actually come in a much larger variety of colors and patterns.

The color of their coat depends on its genes. Genes that are dominant are the more common ones you see, while genes that are recessive are rare.

Some colors are considered faults and are not recognized by the AKC. But unless you’re planning to show your dog in competitions, this won’t cause any problems for you.

Do Colors Change Their Temperament?
There’s a common myth that certain colors or hair lengths affect their personality or behavior. But there is absolutely no difference when it comes to purebreds. Whether your dog is red, blue, black, or white, you’re still getting a standard German Shepherd.

Common Colors
Black and Tan
Black and Red
Black and Silver
Black and Cream
Rare Colors
AKC Fault Colors
Any pale or washedout looking colors

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