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German Shorthaired Pointer Breed Guide

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#germanshorthairedpointer dogs have become increasingly popular in recent years. But what are these gorgeous #gundogs really like to live with. This video is packed with top tips from a breeder of champion Short-haired #pointers who has owned the breed for over 45 years. There's honest advice on exercise demands for these very active which were bred to hunt, point and retrieve. It seems you need to keep their minds active as well as their bodies - and they're highly trainable if you start teaching Pointer puppies early. There's good news on the grooming front - and a great tip for making these dogs look extra shiny with a pair of tights!. The German Shorthaired Pointers have brains.They are a working dog. You can do agility, obedience, flyball, carting, canicross, they're an all round dog. I've had the breed for 45 years.I Quite a large dog and quite boisterous.They do need a lot of exercise so you shouldn't get one if you're thinking of shutting it up for most of the day. They really need a couple of hours exercise a day. Active dog. Ideal for the active family. They have a very even temperament as a rule. They're very biddable, but they have to be trained. Without training they can be extremely destructive. It's a gundog - from the HPR, which stands for Hunt, Point, Retrieve. So you've got a working dog with a work ethic. You need to start your training as a puppy, and teach it the things you want it to do. Otherwise it might do things that it want to learn like picking everything up... shoes, dirty underwaear are a favourite. So when it picks something up like that the last thing you want to do is snatch t from it, or you'll teach it to guard it or even run off with it which is an even greater game. . They're not a dog you can leave and do nothing with. They need to use their brains. So it's not use having one if you want a house pet. They've got to get out. They've got to do something. German Short-haired Pointers, lovely looking dog. They are a working dog so they do have high exercise demands. We would look to re-home one with a very active family who have the time, energy and committment for them. The more exercise you give them, the more exercise they want.

posted by ansimanteyj

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