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Getting our Dalmatian Puppy 🐶🐾🎀

Crystal Conte

a vlog where we get our dalmatian puppy, Penny! I show a little puppy haul from kmart, setting up the crate and then we travel over 8 hours to pick her up!

I seriously cannot get over how TINY and cute she is here! she has grown so much since we got her!

ox Crystal

I was so excited when filming this video and theres a lot of things I didn't exactly explain properly so I thought I would write them here.

A lot of you know that I have forever wanted a Dalmatian, however, I needed to wait until we had the space for her in a large backyard and I had the time to train and walk her regularly. I have researched a lot about the breed and know they can be hard work as they are highly energetic dogs. Finally, we felt like we have everything ready for our new puppy!

Before finding where we got her from, I did look online and did some research to see if there were any Dalmatian puppies that I was able to rescue (most of the pages I found were for in the US) I did check in with local shelters from time to time for the year leading up to this. I just want to make it clear that if there was a puppy suitable for us, I would have adopted her 100%.

With Coco being a priority in our life, it was important to get a puppy rather than a full grown dog, as she will adapt better in our environment. Being a first time dog owner with a pet already, I have done a lot of research which does say getting a puppy is a better decision as I don’t have a lot of experience with dogs. I am very proud to say I am a responsible pet owner and I will do everything I can to ensure when I bring an animal into my life, it is long term. For so many reasons, adoptions or rescues don’t work out for those with existing pets or first time owners and I didn’t want that to be us. Of course we will consider adopting in the future, however this decision to get Penny was one we waited a LONG time to actually do! This definitely doesn’t mean we won’t adopt in the future, but for right now, adopting wasn’t for us

I also wanted to mention that the "breeder" we got her from wasn't actually a "breeder" as such. She had a female dalmatian and eventually got a male and this was their first litter. They are pets and part of her family. I'm not sure if she will continue to have litters but I am so glad I got Penny from her instead of some of the local breeders.


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Filmed with Sony a5000
Edited with iMovie
Music: Epidemic Sounds

posted by Furotomburlo3

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