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Giant Rabbit 'Wants' to Eat Grapefruit! (ジャイアントうさぎ、グレープフルーツが食べたい!)

Jabba The Rabbit

Caution! You can feed bunnies only 12 segments of grapefruit per week. More than this amount of the fruit could cause stomachache.

While Luna the human was making grapefruit soda at home, Jabba the Giant Rabbit(Flemish Giant rabbit) kept trying to steal and eat the fruit. As rabbits naturally don't eat fruits, Luna didn't allow her to eat it, but later she decided to give just a little bit of it to Jabba.

Luna tried to be a strict mom to Jabba, but she couldn't deny that Jabba was too adorable when she was licking grapefruit on a spoon.

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*To our new visitors:
Jabba the Rabbit is the Flemish Giant Rabbit or Continental Giant rabbit who lives in Japan. The Flemish Giant rabbit is the biggest rabbit breed in the world. Luna is her human and she talks to Jabba in Japanese as Jabba is more familiar with the language. But our channel is mainly in English because we want to share our stories with as many people as possible. :)

+About Jabba’s family
Luna the Human: ‘Korean’ who lives in Japan (sorry for the confusion. I am not a Japanese haha)
Cameraman: ‘Japanese’ who is extremely shy and will never show his face on this channel!

*There are captions in Japanese and Korean in our videos(sometimes English captions, too).
Please tell your Japanese or Korean friends about this channel as many people still don’t know if there are those captions! lol

How big is Jabba the Rabbit? Weight is 7kgs/15.4lbs, body length(nose to tail) is 70 cm/2.3 ft

What breed is she? Flemish Giant rabbit for sure, and in Japan, somehow people call it also Continental Giant rabbit.

I think the definitions of the breeds differ from country to country, and it’s very hard to see the differences between these two breeds. Some articles say Flemish Giant rabbit, German Giant rabbit, and Continental Giant rabbit are the same in genetically, just different names. Though I am not a breeder or an expert of the breed, so we welcome any opinion about it! :D



*저희 채널이 처음이신 분들께:

자바는 일본에 사는 자이언트 토끼랍니다. 많은 분들과 소통하고 싶어서 영어를 메인 언어로 하고 있고, 자바가 일본 토끼라서 자바와는 일본어로 대화하고 있습니다.

가족 및 지인들을 위해 한국어 자막과 설명을 넣고 있으나, 보고계신 다른 한국분들이 계신다면 구독과 조언, 항상 감사히 생각하겠습니다.

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posted by baburu54

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