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Giant Sulking Dog Hates Bath Time But Baby Helps Him (Cutest Duo EVER!!)

Life with Malamutes

Hey, so it's that time again! Phil usually goes to the groomers once a month due to his fur condition, it holds the dirt and gets matted on elbows and areas he sits etc. Since the start of this year however we haven't been able to get to the groomers because of restrictions.

So following previous videos and the advice from our followers we have adopted different techniques to get Phil in the bath, the peanut butter wall plate that we were sent was ace! We even stick this to the walls downstairs to keep him entertained. On this occasion though, it appeared that all we needed to do was have a walking Mia provide morale support at the side of the bath as surprisingly, yet begrudgingly, he got straight in (with the speed and elegance of a sloth)

Mia and Phil are the cutest duo ever! She is so alert to her surroundings and loves spending time with the pets. It will be so perfect for her to be able to look back and watch these videos later! Stay tuned for Niko's bath video tomorrow! We filmed the two on the same day but split the video!

Thanks for watching guys! Hope you enjoy the video! Love from all the family

Message to Mia: Today was the hottest day of the year!. We spent most of the day in the garden and Harley and Ella came round too. It was so hot that we had to put the hose on mist and spray everyone including you like the cheap air conditioning you get in the outdoor restaurants in spain haha. You learned to climb the stairs today too unfortunately! It was super cute and you made it all the way with supervision! Hopefully your baby gate will come soon. You also have 4 additional teeth just poking through we discovered today so that will make 6 teefies soon! Love you as always x

posted by Viantolity

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