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GOiNG iNSiDE the VOLCANO 🌋 Adley u0026 Niko find their new CLUB HOUSE! Secret Floor under the Lava!!


the Family explores pirate island in THE DARK

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Best Lavacano Day Ever 1215

What was that noise?!! we were doing our bed time routine when all the sudden we heard this gurgling sound and the wifi at the house went out. I run downstairs and find Jenny, Adley, and Niko Bear in the dark with flashlights! They all head the noise and when they checked the cameras at pirate island, they thought they saw some lava. P.S. I love pretend play lol

We get all ready and jump into the monster truck, so that we can head to the lake lot and check on all our dinosaur pets, to feed them and make sure that they are all ok! When we get there, we hear gurgling sounds again. We go on a mission to investigate the volcano. There is lava glowing orange on the sides, we've never seen the volcano at night and it's sooo cool!!

Adley pushes the lava button and instead of making the floor lava, the button makes the volcano erupt as red smoke flies high into the sky. We also discover some dinosaur writing on the side. It tells us that if we scan Adley and Niko Bear's fingers, then we will get a surprise. After the kiddos both scan their thumbs, we hear a strange noise. We look over to see the side of the volcano opening up!!

We walk inside and Adley finds a light switch. In the light we cans see a white board drawing station, legos to play with and a bench to sit and rest on. The kiddos are so stoked. They explore around, finding cool little nooks they can sit in, new toys they can play with, and realizing this is a brand new playhouse for them to play in. Adley and Jenny draw pictures while Niko puts together his new legos. We decide that we are going to need to do a sleep over out here soon.

It's almost bed time, so we start getting ready to leave. Adlye wants to push the lava button one more time, but instead of watching it from down low, she starts climbing the mountain so that she can see the volcano erupt up close. After on last volcano, and Adley and Niko Bear deciding the want to take home a baby Pterodactyl, we realize it would be fun to watch some of our favorite floor is lava videos. So here they are, a lava movie for you! Hope you have fun reliving these memories with us!!

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