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Goldendoodle - TOP 10 Interesting Facts


Top 10 interesting facts about Goldendoodle, an easy going, intelligent and affectionate dog breed.

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Short Goldendoodle description:
The goldendoodle is a result of mixing The Golden Retriever and Poodle together. And if you lived in 1980s, you probably never heard or saw this breed. That is because they did not exist yet. They started showing up in the 90s.

You can find the miniature Goldendoodle with weight between 15-30 pounds (or 7-14 kgs), the medium Goldendoodle with weight between 30-45 pounds (or 14-20 kgs) and finally the standard Goldendoodle with weight between 45-100 pounds (20-45 kgs).

Depending on the Goldendoodle genes, they can have straight, wavy or curly coat. The coat can be black, copper, white, cream, gray, golden, apricot, or red, although golden seems to be the common coat color.

Goldendoodle facts video TIMESTAMPS:
0:23 Young breed
0:45 Intelligence
1:03 Therapy dogs
1:22 Family companion
1:47 Sizes
2:21 Allergies
2:53 Easy training
3:12 Health
3:33 Coat
3:59 Water lovers

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