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Great Dane Puppy at IKEA and a trip to the lake

Great Dane Channel

We took a trip to IKEA in Columbus and ran into a 9 week old Dane Puppy. Oh my god! So cute.

Shout out to PetSafe who hooked me up with a training tool I have mocked and laughed at for years, only to find it incredibly logical and effective at controlling my dogs on leash humanely. The Gentle Leader Chic.

Get yours here (we will get a small commission for each one sold):

I have been using memory foam beds from for years. Great product which fits neatly inside my custom stalls. They come with a moisture barrier cover and two external covers. In exchange for talking about these beds, they gave me a free bed.

Please consider buying one through amazon here:

or here:

Here is the note from the owner:

Hi Michael,

We are a family owned company that is based in California. We started our dog bed business in the early 2000s when we were looking for a comfortable dog bed for our larger aging dog, but couldn't find anything available for her at the time. We decided to take make our own bed for her out of memory foam and it worked out really for her, so that's when we realized we could do something of real value and started our business. Most of our materials are sourced domestically and what isn't goes through a quality standard check to make sure everything is safe and nontoxic. Let me know if you need anything else.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you for supporting our small business and have a great day.
Best Regards,
Cassandra Jay

To celebrate 1 year of staying at home and getting tired of cooking and not eating out... I started a Freshly meals subscription. I am an employee of Nestle who owns Freshly, but I really love it and check out Magic and Finn check out Freshly meals.
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My Channel Partners:
Here is the Kuranda Bed Link:'>
I have a partnership with Kuranda Indestructible Dog Beds. Finn ate every bed until I got this one. Then when he was mature enough I got a fleece topper which is easily washable. Please use this code to purchase your dog bed:'>

Watch the video on how the Kuranda Bed worked out here:

PetSafe Remote Training collar, I recommend the 900 yard Trainer, you can find them here through our affiliate link:

Kurgo Go Together
Help support a company who help keep Magic and Finn safe on car rides by donating two harnesses and tethers to them. They also have great coats for cooler weather.

Shop here with the code below:
coupon code is: magicandfinn
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can be used by individual consumers up to three times
expiration: currently no expiration

Watch the Safety Video here:

EMAIL ME videos/photos of your dogs to be featured on the channel. Send topics you want covered.

[email protected]

Here is what I shoot on:
iPhone 8S Plus
GoPro Hero 7
Edit on a MacBook Pro (15inch, 2017)
Final Cut Pro X

My email for inquiries: [email protected]

Intro and closing music for most Great Dane videos:
"Great Dane Song" Smythe and Taylor, Midland, Texas

Thanks for watching my videos.

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