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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Fast Facts

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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Fast Facts
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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Weight = 112 – 113 pounds (56– 62 kg)
Height = 24 – 29 inches (60 – 73 cm)
Origin : Switzerland
Life span : about 11 years
Characteristics :
This dog breeds has developed at the Swiss alps, and come in three colors : yellow, white and black. It is very active dog and suitable for living with family and also with children. It loves daily training and needs it.
It almost a result of indigenous dogs mating with large Mastiff types which brought to Switzerland by foreign settlers. And it was one of the most popular breeds in Switzerland.
That breed dog is sociable, active though its calmness and loves to be a part of family. Among the Swiss mountain dogs breeds, greater Swiss is the oldest and the largest.

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