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Grooming a Maltese | It was a Cute Dog Transformation


Grooming a Maltese with curly coat. His coat often tangle, so I make a great short haircut for maltese. Amazing dog transformation! But If you want to see long hair on your pet, the maltese needs to be brushed every day.
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I shave the coat direction the grain of the hair for a more natural grooming maltese.
Remember! For a beautiful haircut for Maltese it is important to properly dry the dog so that the coat is straight and completely dry. For this, I'm using a slicker and a comb.
I make a grooming maltese legs with straight scissors with a wide blade. Paws always suit them in the form of columns.
How to groom a maltese at home?
The long hair of maltese needs to be brushed every day. And if your dog has dark lacrimal pathways under its eyes, you need take your pet to the vet.

00:00 ◄ maltese on grooming
00:05 ◄ maltese before haircut
00:29 ◄ bathing maltese
01:06 ◄ combing maltese
01:16 ◄ maltese haircut
01:39 ◄ hygienic haircut maltese
01:50 ◄ clipping paw pads maltese
02:02 ◄ clipping paw maltese
02:45 ◄ maltese head grooming
03:41 ◄ maltese ear cutting
03:53 ◄ cutting a maltese tail
04:15 ◄ maltese before and after

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