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Guilty dog destroys couch, tries to hide it from owner

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After this naughty dog had a lot of fun ripping apart the basement couch when her owner was away, Mya the 12 year old Australian Shepherd tries to hide the massive hole that she chewed by sprawling out over top of it. She uses all of her sixty pounds to try and cover the big hole in the couch, but the stuffing leaking out and spreading out onto the floor is a dead giveaway, and so is the guilty and ashamed look on Mya's face.<br><br>When her owner comes home from work and goes to find Mya in the basement where she likes to sleep during the day, she finds stuffing all over the floor and a hole underneath where Mya is laying. With shifty eyes, Mya tries to hide her mess so she doesn';t get in trouble. She worked so hard to stay out of trouble by covering the hole, it is hard for her owner not to be mad. Especially with those big blues eyes and sad look. She even tries to shoo her owner away so they don't look.<br><br>When she finally gets off the couch, she won't even look her owner in the eye. She has been caught and she knows it. Luckily for her, it was an old couch that was scheduled to be brought out to the dump the next week. Mya is now being trained to chew her bone when she wants to eat something, and not the furniture.<br><br>Like most Australian Shepherds, Mya is a very strong willed dog with lots of personality. On a regular day, she enjoys laying on the basement couch watching cartoons while her owner is at work. She rarely gets herself into trouble, but when she does, she always has a funny was of reacting to it. Her big blue eyes resemble human eyes, showing her emotions and letting her owner know exactly how she feels.

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posted by crk25aj

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