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Hälleforshund Dog Breed - Facts and Information - Hällefors Elkhound


The Hälleforshund is an active and determined hunting dog breed, but also loving, loyal and playful companion dog. In this video i will tell you all you need to know about the Hälleforshund.

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Short Hälleforshund description:
The Hälleforshund is a medium to large sized dog breed with muscular, sturdy and very strong body structure. The average height is between 5263 cm, which is 2025 inch. The overall impression of the Hälleforshund is energetic and brave strong, but not too heavy.

The Hälleforshund also has oval dark brown eyes, elongated muzzle, pointed ears that are set high on the head, well developed jaws, muscular neck, straight back line and medium sized, dense tail.

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