Halloween Prank: Skeleton Scares Dog

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Funny dog Maymo is pranked by his owners with a life-size skeleton for Halloween. Watch as the funny dog is at first terrified by the scary skeleton, but quickly attacks the intruder, foiling his owners' prank. What Dogs Really do when Home Alone: Funny Dogs Maymo & Penny. Dog Gets Surprise Dance Party w/Chub Suit Men (Nic Cage): Funny Dog Maymo. Top 5 Discipline Dogs Videos Compilation. Dog vs. Vampire Prank: Funny Dog Maymo. T-Rex Befriends Dog: Funny Dog Maymo. Zombie Baby Pranks Dog: Funny Dog Maymo. Dog vs. Zombie Horse: Cute Dog Maymo. Zombie Dog vs. Cute Dog Maymo. Dogs Protecting Babies Kids - Loyal Dog Doesn't Allow Anything Danger to the Owner. Funny Dogs vs. Giant Baby: Funny Dogs Maymo & Penny. What happens when dog owners FAINT?! Cute Dog vs. Evil Bunnies: Cute Dog Maymo. Dog Steals Head from Zombie: Cute Dog Maymo. Dog Not Scared of Grim Reaper: Funny Dog Maymo. Dog Surprised by Dancing Pokemon: Cute Dog Maymo.

by Maymo

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