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Harrier Hound

Chuck DeBroder

Harrier Hound
101 Dog Breeds
The Harrier is a breed of mediumsized dogs bred for hunting hares and foxes in packs. Having the appearance of a working hound, the Harrier is characterized by a proportionate head, midsized eyes, low set ears, strong neck, muscular back, deep chest, good straight legs, and long, high set tail. Although it is larger and stronger than the Beagle, it is slightly smaller than the English Foxhound.
The origin of Harriers is unclear, and there are many contradictory stories about the development of the breed. Since Harrier is an English word of French origin, some people believe that the Harrier hounds might have descended from Talbot hounds, Bloodhounds, and Basset Hounds. Another theory states that the Harrier is simply a smaller version of the Foxhound.
In 1260, Sir Elias Midhope in England created a pack of Harriertype dogs and named it the Penistone pack. These dogs were spread throughout England and Wales as one of the essential working and hunting breeds.
The Harrier has a playful, affectionate disposition, and as a peopleoriented dog, it loves to remain close to its people as well as other pets. It is a friendly family pet that lives peacefully with children.
Being a pack hound, it can learn to work with other dogs and is never aggressive toward them. However, it may see noncanine pets like hamsters, squirrels, and cats as prey unless socialized at a young age. As a typical hound, it likes to explore and may dig or follow a pleasing scent.

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