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If you are a fan of Dogumentary TV, you know that this video looks very different from the other videos on this channel. This video is a reflection of my desire to fully engage my cinematic and artistic talents. This look is for specific videos and will only be used sparingly. WIth that said I'd love to hear your thoughts on the look and feel of this video.

Rachel Maness is a lifelong Cattle Dog owner and relative newbie to the Border Collie. In this video she breaks down her experience working with both breeds as well as living with them as pets.

The Border Collie is a working and herding dog breed developed in the Anglo-Scottish border region for herding livestock, especially sheep. It was specifically bred for intelligence and obedience.

Considered highly intelligent, extremely energetic, acrobatic and athletic, they frequently compete with great success in sheepdog trials and dog sports. They are often cited as the most intelligent of all domestic dogs. Border Collies continue to be employed in their traditional work of herding livestock throughout the world.

The Australian Cattle Dog (ACD), or simply Cattle Dog, is a breed of herding dog originally developed in Australia for droving cattle over long distances across rough terrain. This breed is a medium-sized, short-coated dog that occurs in two main colour forms. It has either brown or black hair distributed fairly evenly through a white coat, which gives the appearance of a "red" or "blue" dog. It should not be confused with the Australian Shepherd, a similarly named but totally different breed. Australian Cattle Dog - 5 BEST Heeler Toys. ALL ABOUT MINIATURE BULL TERRIERS: CUTE AND POWERFUL. Border Collie Vs Australian Shepherd (Breed Info and comparison). Australian Cattle Dog Herding Cows First Time. JAGDTERRIER'S THE ULTIMATE HUNTER OF SMALL GAME. TURKISH KANGAL DOGS - ANATOLIAN SHEPHERDS - SIX THOUSAND YEARS OF LIVESTOCK GUARDING PERFECTED. Australian Cattle Dog - Top 10 Interesting Facts. Australian Shepherd Dogs 101 (Aussie) Facts. HUNTING WITH DOGO ARGENTINO. DOBERMAN PINSCHERS ARE GREAT PERSONAL PROTECTORS. ALL ABOUT THE ENGLISH MASTIFF THE WORLD'S LARGEST DOG. Border collies puppies: play is preparation for work. 8 month old Border Collie puppy training goats and sheep on her 4th lesson. ALL ABOUT THE KANGAL DOG: THE FINEST GUARDIAN DOG. Funniest Border Collie Videos 2017 - Funny Dogs Compilation.

posted by butassisly

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