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How to Bath and Dry a Puppy | #ShihTzu #puppy

Go Groomer

How to bath and dry a puppy-steps and methods that will produce professional results at home. Meet 12 week old, #ShihTzu #puppy “Rosco!” This video will clearly teach you “how to give my puppy a bath!”

Understanding how to bathe your dog properly is the first half of the battle, the second is trying to give a puppy a bath safely and successfully. It is absolutely my pleasure to share the secrets of the pet grooming industry with you, so you can provide quality care for your beloved pets at home.
I am certified, professional pet groomer “Amy Leigh” and I am dedicated to helping you achieve professional pet grooming results at home or if you are beginning a career in the grooming industry. Knowing how to get your dog clean and fluff dried will keep your pets skin and coat healthy and looking beautiful at all times. In this demo you will find valuable information such as “how to make your dogs shampoo work harder”, as well as “how to bathe your Shih tzu puppy” and make them feel comfortable with the bathing and drying process. Learn simple secrets to help you achieve pro-results at home such as "how to dry a dog after a bath." Believe it or not, if done incorrectly you puppy could become matted and I don't want that for you or you puppy:)

Don’t forget-“Live from the Grooming Table” is every Monday at 5:30pm est. Ask your dog grooming questions live and get immediate response from a professional pet groomer. Dog grooming weekly live streaming is the perfect place to learn and share secrets of the grooming industry. Hope to see you there!

Go Groomer is dedicated to help enrich your pet(s) life and increase the bond you share with your pet. Subscribers of this channel will have access to industry standard pet grooming knowledge and tips about their beloved pet(s) completely free! Your bond with your pet(s) will grow in leaps and bounds! Let's get started on this journey together TODAY!

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Subscribers of this channel have full access to a library of pet grooming industry secrets, tutorials, product reviews and professional instruction to grooming your pet at home. DYI guide to success! Also free instructional videos for future pet groomers! If you are considering a career in pet grooming, i will give you all the information you need to get started as a professional pet groomer! Pet groomers are in HIGH demand everywhere and you could enrich your life by taking part in that too! Pet grooming trade shows/expo's are scheduled all over the world annually, all open to the public. If you are not scheduled to attend one you are missing out on everything you need to know about the industry for a small admission fee.

Barkleigh Productions Inc.(Pet grooming trade shows)

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