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Xanti el Cachorro Maltés

Once your dog already has tear stains, getting rid of them required many steps, by following the list below, you may be able to do that as swiftly as possible:

1) Long hair around the eyes can irritate and cause the eyes to produce more tears The stained hair has to be removed as the stains are near to impossible to be actually washed.

2) Infections or inflammation are by far one of the most common reason It is always good to consult your veterinarian to see if your dog does not have any conjunctivitis trouble or other issues and then find an appropriate treatment

3) Additives and colorants in food are often a cause for tear stains Switching to homemade or handcrafted food may help in the long term ( you can try B.A.R.F Biologically Appropriate Raw Food )

4) Too many minerals in the drinking water Try switching to filtered water in order to prevent your pooch from consuming too many minerals, also make sure you use a bowl which is not releasing any in the water. Lastly, when washing the eye area (or mouth area as this may be a secondary trouble) also use only filtered water.

5) Genetics Unfortunately sometimes the dogs are prone to tear stains through their genetics, check if your dogs parent had the same issue. At least you will know all you do is right for the health of your doggo.

We do not really recommend any tear stains products as most of them do not really help with removing the colour. Tear stains are usually a long term issue, WHICH cause has to be treated. Just cleaning the stains by any product is only removing the consequence which is not very effective.

In order to whiten Xantis’ coat we use the Chris Christensen White on White shampoo, it does not contain any bleaching agents and so can be used even around the eyes. It helps removing truly any staining. We use it specially around the mouth, where it does wonderful job.

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Hiii... My name is Xanti.
And I am the worlds' cutest Maltese puppy
I want to share with you my adventures and what is it like to have a Maltese dog in your family
If you ever have any questions about how to care about your puppy or dog, do not hesitate to ask and my mummy and daddy will always try to answer you.

Now here is some info about me:

Birth: 23.08.2020
Gender: Goodboy
Breed: Maltese (I have a pedigree certificate)
Colour: Snowwhite
Favourite food: ALL OF IT

Height*: 27 cm / 10.63 in (Withers)
Weight*: 2.76 kg / 6.08 lbs ⚖
Length*: 31 cm / 12.20 in (Side)

*as of 7th June 2021

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