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How To Get A Picky Dog To Eat Kibbles? I Did It In 4 Days!

Genie the Goldendoodle

Genie the Goldendoodle went on a mini hunger strike last week, probably because I gave her too many treats recently and now she refuses to eat her kibbles. I had to put her on a schedule to fix this unwanted behavior and to get her back on eating dry food again.

Genie's regular diet consists of kibbles + freeze dried meat, can food once in a while with occasional treats. She is a slow eater, I usually leave the food out for her so she can eat whenever. But on this scheduled diet, things has to be done a little differently, I will only give her 10 mins to eat, if she is not finished by the 10 min mark, I will take the food away from her. I only gave her about half of what she normally eats per meal, so she would be hungry for her next meal, in the meantime, make sure she gets enough exercise. It's ok for dogs to not eat for a few days, but make sure they drink plenty of water. If your dog does not eat or drink anything for a few days, please contact your vet.

00:00 00:51 Intro and Day 2 breakfast
00:51 00:56 The scheduled diet
00:56 01:33 Day 2 dinner
01:33 04:53 Day 3 breakfast
04:53 05:27 Day 3 dinner
05:27 07:24 Day 4 breakfast
07:24 08:27 Treat time
08:27 08:30 Outro

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