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Identify a Maremma Sheepdog

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’s height as measured from the ground to the dog’s shoulder.Observe the dog’s behavior.
Maremma sheepdogs are brave but not aggressive unless provoked. They demonstrate intelligence, and so can easily learn tricks and commands. Overall, they are a lively and hardy breed with an air of majesty about them. If the Maremma does not have a flock to guard, they will gradually become more possessive of their owners, more defensive of their possessions toys, beds, and so on, and more territorial. Maremma sheepdogs are aware of their surroundings, but to the untrained eye, their natural attentiveness might be mistaken for nervousness.Generally the Maremma is docile, as they are bred to be so. Maremmas need space to run and play. By:Wikivisual0
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