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How to Make a Projector for Wall Murals

Home Made Simple

KEN: There are plenty of times when I'm doing a project where I want to get an image up on a wall to do a mural. I'm gonna show you how to make one just out of things I guarantee you have lying around the house. All you're gonna need is a cardboard moving box, a straight edge, a cutting blade, roll of tape, a marker, a plastic baggie, scissors and a pencil.

So we start off with the brown paper box, and we're just gonna draw a square on one end of it. About eight inches or so. This is going to be where the image will project from. Once you've measured it on the box, just cut it out with your sharp edge. Get that cut out, and then we just build a box. And when you do it, you want to make sure that you tape all of your edges. You want to trap all the light we're gonna have and we wanna force it all out of one edge.

So now we got our projection box. Now on the bottom of the box I'm just gonna cut a channel, and this will let us put the light source in.

Now that I've got the channel cut in the bottom, we're ready to project the image. That's where your freezer bag comes in. You want to cut them so you only have one panel of plastic. And then you put your image on here. You can hand draw it, or if you have a photo of something, you can put the photo underneath and trace it. Use a marker, depending upon how detailed, it can be a thin marker. So let's say we're doing a little boy's bedroom and want to do a rocket ship.

Now, we just take a lamp single light bulb and put the light source through the bottom. And you're just gonna tape your image straight to the front of the box. Now I'll turn out the lights, and then turn on the light, and then you just angle it exactly where you want your image. So there you go.

So that's how we made our easy home projector.

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