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How to play with maltese dog?

Halus The Maltese

Halus my maltese puppy (8.5 months old) enjoys his time outdoor. We would like to share with you our game. It is a good way of a repetition of already known commands.
For such a small puppy it is important to repeat commands every day.

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Maltese puppies and dogs being cuter than ever in this Maltese puppy compilation video. See Maltese puppies playing and barking with each other. A Maltese puppy cries ,whilst the bigger puppies run. One little cute Maltese puppy is sleeping.

The Maltese is an adorable small breed Toy dog, often inappropriately called a teacup puppy. It descends from the Mediterranean island nation of Malta.

Appearance: Maltese dogs have rounded heads, with a fingerwide dome, a black button nose and dark eyes. They usually grow to be approx 710 inches tall.

Coat and Colour: The coat is long silky without an undercoat. Some have curly hair. The colour of the coat is pure white. They do not shed, and are great choice for people with allergies. The "puppy cut," is a common clip for the Maltese and involves trimming or shaving the entire body to less than an inch long.

Size: A grown Maltese should weigh no more than 7lb, preferably 4 6lb. Males should be 8 10 inches tall at the shoulder, while females should be 8 9 inches tall.

Temperament: Maltese Puppies are companion dogs. They're very lively playful pups, and even as a Maltese puppy grows, its high energy level and playful demeanour remains. Some Maltese can be snappish with younger children, although socialising them as small puppies will reduce this habit. They adore humans, and prefer to be near them. Some Maltese dogs may suffer from separation anxiety.

The Maltese is very active within a house, preferring enclosed spaces and small gardens. Maltese Puppies and Dogs are ideal pets in apartments and town houses and is a superb pet of urban dwellers.

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