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How to stop a puppy from biting | Expert advice from a Kennel Club expert

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Discover how to stop a puppy biting in this reallife case for Kennel Club approved behaviour therapist Jane Hanshaw. #stoppuppybiting

The culprit is 13 week old Dobermann, Enzo, who won't stop biting his owner Paul. Jane uses tough dog toys to divert Enzo's attention in bid to start some #puppybitingcontrol.
Enzo is a very, very intelligent young puppy and responds well to training. He learned to sit, lay, come, stay in a matter of days. But one problem remains constant #puppybiting. He bites any part of your body that’s available. Usually the hands, forearms, maybe your elbows, your shoulders. Anything he can get his teeth into. The the biting itself is usually soft to start with and it gets progressively more fierce when ever Enzo is playing.

Jane explains that there are two types of puppy biting. The first is in very young puppies who bite to initiate play, and because they don’t know how else to react. Then there are the slightly older puppies who have learnt that biting gets a reaction and that gets your attention, and remember, any attention is good attention as far as a puppy is concerned. So what he’s doing is perfectly natural as far as he’s concerned. He’s just initiating play.
Usually we’ll try and divert his attention to a toy.
So if we get a toy that’s perfect. So if you could – I know that’s hard, but if you could keep that hand still while he’s doing that
Okay. And then divert him onto a toy. Like that. Perfect, absolutely perfect. If he bites your arm like that, keep it really still And redirect him onto the toy.

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