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How To Train Any Dog To Heel PERFECTLY!

Training Positive

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*ADDED* 2/12/2018 - I am currently working on the next step from video. Stay tuned for the update!

Training a dog to heel is a great exercise which develops several different capacities in a dog. In addition to furthering their learning ability and body awareness, it also aids in teaching them to communicate better with their human. It should be taught like any other trick or behavior, by breaking it up into small successive steps and making it a highly rewarding experience.

It is normal for it to take several days and even weeks to get the kind of results demonstrated in this video. Remember to work on it consistently and always allow the dog to be successful. If they are unable to meet reward criteria, then as trainers we must lower criteria, making it easier for several sessions before making it more difficult once again. If this advice is followed, just about any dog can learn to do this.

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