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How To Train Your 'Stubborn' Breed Dog To Come When Called PART ONE

All Dogs Are Smart

How to train your "Stubborn" breed of dog to come when called video 1
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This is a NEW video series addressing the issue of "stubborn" breeds and purpose bred dogs.
There are no "stubborn" dogs but some breeds are more challenging to train because they were bred for a specific purpose and so have a higher distraction level than some other "human" focused breeds.

This is a FACT about dog breeds and anyone who says otherwise has not trained a purpose bred dog to a certain level of training.

These dog breeds include Livestock Guardian Dogs, Scent Hounds, Sight Hounds and Sled Dogs.
On this channel we show how breeds that are considered "untrainable", "stubborn", "difficult" or "less intelligent" can learn to do dog sports and enjoy different activities and are actually NOT less intelligent after all.

These dog require a slightly modified training program. Some dogs are bred for one main purpose and are highly distractible. This quality makes it more difficult to train if you don't do certain things first. We discuss these issues on this channel and show how the training is done.

Examples of these breeds are Livestock Guardian Dogs, Sleddogs, Scent Hounds.

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