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How to TRIM your SPORTING DOG like a Professional

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Should you shave your dog? Learn how to trim your sporting dog like a professional! If your struggle to trim your dogs feetwatch this video. TRIMMING a SILKYDROP COATED DOG full demo! Watch me trim this beautiful English Setter without clipping the coat.
The coat of an English Setter is trimmed to accentuate the dog’s elegance and glamor. The art of grooming an English Setter is to make a clean and tidy outline while maintaining a natural appearance. Thinning and blending shears are the secret to perfecting this trim.

Only the undercoat is removed, allowing the topcoat to lie flat. Scissors are not used on the back or sides of the dog as, ultimately, the coat will be ruined – often permanently. Clippers should not be used on the body, as this will ruin the gentle, flowing look of the coat. Some English Setters do have a thick and unruly coat, and the temptation is to clip this off. But I will show you have to avoid that and manage your silkydrop coated dogs' coat while maintaining their beautiful, natural appearance.

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