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How You'd Look Living on Different Planets


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Why do we look the way we look? Most of it’s down to our planet Earth, its atmosphere, gravity, that kind of stuff. When you go on a weeklong beach getaway, you get a tan. Basic. But what about living on a whole other planet? What would we look like if we lived on another planet of the Solar System?

One astronaut spent a whole year living on the International Space Station. Zero gravity means no healthy pressure on your body, so his bones got weaker. So did his muscles. It also gave him more space between his vertebrae, so he got a bit taller. And that’s only a year. The more time you spend at the beach, the darker your tan gets… so… What if we moved to Mars or Mercury?


Mars 0:43​
Mercury 2:13​
Venus 3:00​
Jupiter 4:23​
Saturn 5:38​
Uranus 6:47​
Neptune 7:33​
Pluto 8:10​

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posted by Kramekgg

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