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The Brittany is considered a versatile hunting dog, but it shines when it comes to upland bird hunting. If you're looking to chase a variety of upland birds from pheasants to chukar to grouse, a Brittany would make the perfect pointing and retrieving partner.

Although some Brittanies take to the water, it isn't a part of their common repertoire. So don't be disappointed if you don't end up with an A+ duck dog. That's just not their typical jam. And they lack the double coat found in many retrieving breeds, leaving them more open to the elements in wet conditions. They do typically have a flat or wavy coat, and they do well with a weekly brushing.

Brittanies don't have the same issues that many other petfocused breeds do, as hunting bloodlines remain predominant in the breed. But it's important to have pups checked for hip dysplasia. Other health issues that occasionally come up in the breed are hyperthyroidism and epilepsy. So ask your breeder for thyroid and hip exams prior to bringing your new pup home.

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