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My Husky Promised from Day 1 she would always Protect my Baby! [CUTEST VIDEO EVER]


So hello everyone!! We have gained quite a lot of subscribers in a very short time. If you didn’t already know I have 2 children and 2 huskies! My second child who appears in these videos was born one year ago now! When he can we didn’t ever anticipate millie would take to my children this way! Millie is now 7 years old. Up to the age of 3/4 years old she was just as over exited as your average husky. Till she had puppies. Then wow!! She completely changed into the most chilled, caring, sweet, kindest husky on the planet. Not to mention needy!! Lol. But the way she taken to my children is exactly how she taken to her puppies. I know for some it’s not what people like or agree with and I understand. Just please don’t watch these kind of videos if it’s not for you lol! Also I know a couple of these clips been reused but I DONT CARE. My family is contestant growing and making new memories so when I put all these clips together to rewatch them even now it melts me. Makes me so happy. And the amount of comments saying how we help people smile through very dark places makes us so happy to know we are bringing positive vibes to people in this world!! Hope you all enjoy and have a lovely blessed new year! Love to everyone!!!! German Shepherd Protecting Babies And Kids. Funniest And Cutest Husky Compilation. Huskies are my Spirit Animal | Ultimate Husky Compilation 2019. Jealous Baby Only Wants Cuddles When The Huskies Do!! Funny Dogs Protecting Babies Compilation. Dogs & Babies Are Best Friends. Dogs And Babies Are Best Friends | Dogs Babysitting Babies. Funny And Cute Husky Puppies Compilation #3 - Cutest Husky Puppies. Doberman Dog Protecting Babies and Kids Compilation 2018 | NEW HD. Funny Babies and Dogs are Best Friends - Fun and Fails Baby Video. My Husky Crying & Pining because my other Husky has gone! The Only Way To Stop My Baby Crying Is Bringing In The Huskies! Try Not To Laugh Challenge - Funny Cat & Dog Vines compilation 2017. My Dogs reaction to being HOME ALONE!! [SPYCAM ON HUSKIES]. FUNNY HUSKY AND BABY CHALLENGE!! [TRY TO RESIST!!].

posted by instinctual07do

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