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Husky Puppy Scares & Hurts Baby But Says Sorry & Becomes Best Friends! [READ DESCRIPTION!]


Sooooo hello everyone! Many people ask where is parker our son all the time and honestly because the puppy is so over exited we have to be so careful. She jumps up to play with him and paws him to the face by accident. She’s just playing but she’s so sharp and could cut his eye out. We are in the process of teaching her to be careful but it’s hard for puppies because they are so excited. They have to learn how to play with dogs which is nice and rough, how to play with adults which is not to rough but not soft and then how to be soft with children. My other two huskies millie are Rupert are a lot older and have worked this out by now but it takes time for a puppy. They love each other so much but it’s all about taking our time and insuring the safety and happiness of everyone! Also many people asking why Lola in different house, we live on the same road as my father at the moment so Lola sleeps at his house. We play all day together and go for walks now together but sleep at my fathers house. In the next couple of weeks we are moving into a bigger family home for all of us with a massive garden in the country side we are so excited for our future! Much more to come! Hope this makes you all smile! Love you all! Click link below for Lola’s second channel!!!.....

posted by instinctual07do

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