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Hypoallergenic Dogs - 10 Cutest Dogs That Dont Shed

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Hypoallergenic dogs are dogs that don't shed. Dogs that don't shed are great for less hair around the house. Hypoallergenic dogs are also great for allergy sufferers. In this video, we count down the 10 cutest hypoallergenic dogs for you and your family. Other dogs other than the ones on the countdown are poodle mixes like aussiedoodles, labradoodle, goldendoodle, and cavapoo

Dogs are a lot of fun and they can also be a lot of work. A big task is taking care of the dogs hair. What if you didn't have to worry about your dog shedding? That would be pretty awesome right? In this video we share 10 dogs that don't shed (and Oh yeah they are super cute). You'll learn about dogs like the Portuguese water dog, doodles, and the Scottish terrier

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