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I asked out my TEACHER and this happened...

Arman Hossain

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Entertainment Purposes Only I asked out my teacher and this happened... Texting Your Crush. Telling my crush I like her and she said this... gold digger test on my crush... (GONE WRONG). Busted. (Texting Story). BULLIES WHO GOT WHAT THEY DESERVED! *SAVAGE TEXTS* 😎. FUNNIEST WRONG NUMBER TEXTS. I played Fortnite at 3AM and met the coolest girl online... Asking Out My Crush (I'm Still Shook!!!). Trolling My Teacher (Kahoot) GOT SUSPENDED!!!!! The Funniest TEACHER - STUDENT Texts. Awkward TEACHER STUDENT Texts. Funniest PARENT - TEACHER Texts ! CREEPY TEXTS you wont believe people have actually sent. kid tries to impress his crush, goes very wrong..

posted by klacksenxn

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