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I GOT SiCK!! Dr Adley and Nurse Mom take care of me! Mystery Guests come visit our new pet Honey!


HELP!! im the last one in the family to get sick but luckily i have nice helpers!


Best Day Ever 1062

Guys, it’s been a rough few days at our house. Everyone has been sick and I was the last person to catch it. So while I wasn’t sick, i was taking care of everyone, but now that I’m not feeling well, Adley and Jenny are taking care of me.

Dr Adley sets me up on the beanbag, get me all nice and cozy then they decide to run and grab Adley’s doctor toys. Well they can’t find them, so instead they come back with a stuffed animal for me to cuddle with and a magic wand for Adley to heal me with ( honestly, I wish her magic was more that pretend play lol). They get me some medicine and a drink to keep me hydrated, and my drink somehow turned into a light saber from Star Wars. I start feeling better and i’m super thankful for my girls for taking care of me.

A little later on, we have some visitors show up. It’s Momduras, my dad, and sisters coming to meet our new pet guinea pig Honey for the first time. Honey really likes Adley and my mom, and Niko really likes Honey, the baby gets way excited every time he sees her.

We end the night with a surprise gift for Adley from our new Scott our metal guy at the Spacestation and some new friends!!

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