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If this video doesn’t make you facepalm then nothing will

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Enjoy These terrible facepalms.
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family friendly pg clean FACEPALM 11. Relatable memes to the max. Photos TAKEN BY Alien Spacecraft? 9/26/17. Comment Awards 85. The Reddit Awards (r/ShowerThoughts). Comment Awards v126. How GOOD Was Gengar ACTUALLY? - History of Gengar in Competitive Pokemon (Gens 1-6). RANDOM CHANCE HATES ME!! | The Bear's Black Heart. Memes that’ll ruin your childhood. IF YOU FIND THIS IN THE WALL, DON'T TOUCH IT AND CALL THE POLICE! 15+ Times Comics Perfectly Summed Up The Internet. Internet - 1, Brumplepurp Crumblestarch - 0. r/hmmm Best Posts #4. Comment Awards v1. Comment Awards 39.

posted by just1kissfx

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