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Impossible pinball in a wooden cube DANGER EXTREMELY UNSAFE


If your comment was removed, it is because it was already covered by the following snappy answers to stupid questions:

-------"Freeze the pinball to make it smaller."-------
If by smaller, you mean a few ten-thousandths, then yes. But we would require the pinball to be 20% smaller, and that will not happen even if we could remove all of the heat from the pinball. That trick will not work for this application.

-------"Poplar is not a softwood, dude...
gymnosperm, angiosperm, et cetera."-------
No, Poplar (Tulipwood) does not have a softwood classification, but we aren't really talking about the structure of the tree's seed, are we? Here we are concerned with the properties of the piece of wood in question. A soft wood (two words) is recommended for this project- a piece of wood that is soft.

-------"Why does the title say 'unsafe?' Is it just for views?"-------
Not for views. It was a sarcastic response to the excessive safety criticism. The "impossible" part of the title was put in there for views.

-------"That's unsafe!"-------
Don't do it, then. I will concede that the table-saw scene was not the best way to make this cut, but if you didn't already realize that, you shouldn't be using the table-saw in the first place.

-------"Your fingernails are gross."-------
I have a rare condition known as nail biting, not that it should in any way concern you.

Must I really explain why I now remove these comments? The annotation has only provoked those who think that they are original by making the comment in spite of it. There has been more than 100 comments of this sort by now. *Edit:* Hundreds and hundreds by now. *Edit#2:* Perhaps now in the thousands. Real edgy.

-------"I was going to subscribe, until I read your comments. Instead, I disliked this video. Your awful personality forced my hand."-------
I am human, and so I do want your approval. I like to be liked, despite the fact that nobody seems to actually like me. Herein lays the paradox: I am willing to sacrifice being liked in the interest of accuracy. If you make a stupid claim, I reserve the right to pounce on it like a pissed off peregrine. Your ridiculous comments are fair game to me, and I prey on the weak. If that makes me unlikable, I will live with that. I don't want to be nasty or petty, and I want to preserve free speech, but I have learned that without moderation, comment sections tend towards a natural regression to the literary equivalent of somewhere around a stadium bathroom stall. I am moderator here, and I deserve to be, since I'm the one who made the thing you are commenting on. Free expression is being preserved here- MY free expression.
This is a fun and simple project.
People rarely (if ever) can guess how it is done.
*Fresh-cut wood may have a moisture content of more than 80%. That is nearly as much water as the mass of the wood itself! We often forget that the wood we use to make stuff has been dried like a sponge that sat under the sink for too long. Oh, and a sponge is made of cellulose, the same organic compound that makes up much of wood. One more thing if you are still reading: cellulose is the most common organic compound found on planet Earth. Think about that next time you are about to buy a sponge for more than a buck.

posted by acomolanteh

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