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Irish Terrier - medium size dog breed

One Great World

This dog needs to be active, lively, lithe and muscular. He is massive or not continue for a peacock, as speed and endurance as important as power. Irish Terrier is never allowed to be "awkward or chunky" but should have an aerodynamic shape elegant, slender profile.
Behavior / Temperament: Irish terrier with the courage and ability to deal with other dogs, very loyal, good-natured and friendly toward people or if it is attacked, he has the courage of a lion and will fight to the end. A reputation of this dog as a breed used in dogfights, not deserved. Though the terrier may be fierce when the circumstances require it, the Irish Terrier is easily trained and a gentle pet station and answering my earlier description of "fatty raw companion, a friend of the farmer's favorite dog and gentlemen."
HAIR: Should be dense and crisp for a structure that has fractured appearance but still lying flat, the hair is so tight that the skin cannot be seen when she parted fingers, not soft nor silky and not so long as to conceal the outline of the body, especially in the hind legs where there is no introduction or strong locks.
Color: Should be one color, red, red-color or yellow-red wheat. White color sometimes occurs on the chest. Little white hairs are often seen in a monochrome race.

posted by entrausitg9

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